Monday, December 28, 2009

Nelson Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 When Ryan’s Dad was alive and after he retired, he hated sitting around on Christmas Eve. So one year he told Ryan and Chrissy, and Ryan’s brothers to get ready to go. They were going to see the toy store at the Forum Shops at Ceasers Palace. He had recently discovered that there was a Mall inside Caesars Palace. We went and looked around while the Wives cooked dinner; it was a way to keep the overly excited kids out of their mom’s hair. The Christmas after Grandpa Nelson passed away, Chrissy asked if we were still going to go to the BIG TOY STORE. Of course we are. Ryan would do anything for Chrissy. So the tradition continued. We have gone ever since. Last year we went and the store was a shell of its former self. FAO Schwartz has really struggled in the current economy. This year we didn’t even go to the Forum Shops, and this year it was just Ryan, Ryne and Uncle Rich. They went to City Center, the Bellagio, and the Miracle Mile Shops. Walking the Strip on Christmas Eve day is defiantly a place to go if you need to remember what is important in your life. Very interesting and questionable folks walking the city streets. We will try something different next year. After the outing we had the WHOLE family over for our traditional family Christmas Eve Dinner. Ryan’s brothers and their families and Jenny’s Mom and sister and her family, and of coarse Grandma and Grandpa Bartholomew. Richard and Angell invited a family that is investigating the church to come over; it was great to have the house full of the people we love. Our friends the REAMS even stopped by and sang the 12 days of Christmas, they had been doing the 12 days and leaving little gifts each night, it was too cool. They are awesome. Christmas Eve we opened up one gift each, laid out carrots for the reindeer and put out Santa’s favorite Sugar Cookies. We awoke Christmas Morning to a wonderful spread that Santa had left for the kids. Ryne got an Ipod Touch and a SanDiego Chargers Jersey (another tradition, the kids get a sports jersey from Santa each year, it started with Chrissy). Conner got a VROOM VROOM, or an Electric 4-wheeler, and a Dallas Cowboys Jersey. There were WAY too many gifts to open as usual and we went from 6:30 to 9 am opening. We go one person at a time. Conner did well for about 5 or 6 gifts and then all he wanted to do was to ride his vroom vroom. After we opened our gifts we had our traditional Nelson Christmas Morning Breakfast, held 18 out of 20 Christmas’s we have been married at our house. The first year we married we had it at Aunt Sandy’s, that’s where we borrowed the idea, and then one year we spent it at one of Ryan’s brother’s home. We love to have it at our house, and everyone else seems to enjoy it. This year we invited Rich, an elderly neighbor from our Ward who lives across the street to eat with us, he said he had a great time. After the long morning we headed to Richards house to open even more gifts and get a call from the Missionary. Eldon called and talked to everyone for about an hour. He is doing well and he said it was nice to talk to the whole family at once. After we ate left overs we headed out for our traditional Christmas day movie. We saw Sherlock Holmes. All in all it was a great FAMILY Christmas filled with tradition and fun. We love our family and our awesome friends we have. We will prepare now for the year to come. Baseball is right around the corner and we will be busier than ever, as Ryan is still the Vice President and he is trying to coordinate a charity baseball tournament in September. So until next post, take care and have a happy new year
Below is Hunter opening his first Christmas present, we open them in order from youngest to oldest
then it was Conner's turn. He got some cars.
Conner loved the bows.
Ryne got Toy Story for the WII. Everyone played it when we done with gifts.
Ryne saves his chore money all year and buys gifts with his own money. It must be said he buys the most thoughtful gifts, he really puts allot of thought into what her gets. Eric is opening one of the gifts Ryne got for him. A Jack Skelton Blanky.
Richard got Angell some shoes.
Mom got a game for her DS
Here is a picture of the WHOLE gang. We had about 21 people over.
Grandpa and Grandma got Valdosta High Football Sweatshirts. Valdosta is in Georgia and is where Ronni went to High School. Grandpa loves Wildcat football.
Jenny got the gift of the nigh. PJ'S with feet. Look like the ones that the boy in "A Christmas Story" had to open an put on. We MADE Jenny put these on. And then we posted pix on FACEBOOK.
Ryne and Conner putting carrots out for the Reindeer.
And then cookies for Santa. He loves cookies!!!!
Christmas Morning Conner showing off his VROOM VROOM
The facial expression says it all. Whoa!!!!!!
Ryne showing his IPOD Touch
Digging through the stockings is a thrill for the kids. It was for Ryan when he was young too.
CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you have to open it first.
Church outfit from Santa
Mold them while they are young. It didn't work on Ryne.
For some reason he likes the Bolts.

This is Dads favorite gift. Ryne got him these awesome pillows from Brookstone. Dad showed them to him months ago, but Ryne remembered.

And this is how a long Christmas day should end. On the couch at Uncle Rich's House.
We had a very blessed Christmas with friends and loved ones. We appreciate them all very much. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us.

Friday, December 11, 2009



It is hard to believe that Conner is 2 years old now. We celebrated his birthday last Friday with family and friends. It was a blast. Conner received allot of cool gifts. He especially liked the trains that he got. He is into trains, mostly the GEOTRAX kind. He has played non stop with them. On Saturday, we went to Ryne’s playoff game. They lost, but he played a heck of a game. He had over 90 yards passing and threw for a touchdown. He had a great year full of ups and downs and he learned allot this past year. After his game we headed to DISNEYLAND to continue Conner’s birthday. We went to Goofys Kitchen and rode on all the rides. We did allot of the ones that we usually never do. In fact Ryne said that he had never been on the Storybook and the Dumbo rides. It was a blast. It did rain on Sunday, but, that meant fewer people. We came home Tuesday and headed back to school and work. Conner has been a blessing and has definitely made our lives better. We are so blessed to have FAMILY and FRIENDS that are more than happy to spend time celebrating with us, Thanks to you all, you all been very important to us and Conner.
Below is Cody and Megan and Emma, they came ALL the way ACROSS town to celebrate Conners birthday. They do live along ways away. But it is always fun to see them.
Jenny and Hunter, Eric was there too, but this was a cute picture. Richard, Angell, Chelsea and Grandma and Grandpa came by too. As dis some of our close friends. It was fun and always fun to hang out with those we are close to.
Conner got allot of cool gifts, to many if you ask me. he is spoiled by his family and friends

We got to the Disneyland Hotel around 7pm Saturday night, just in time for Conners dinner at Goofy's Kitchen. At first he was really upset that he was not the only one that got to play with the character's, after a bit he settled down. It was fun.The park was really dead and we were able to walk right on all the rides, here are the boys at Mr Toads

They have NEVER been on Dumbo, Storybook or Casey Jr. So these were fun rides
The absolute best ride during the holidays. The Haunted Mansion, Ryan even broke the rules and took a flash picture inside of Jack.

Below is Conner on the Barnstormer. Can you see him?

We saw this guy walking around allot. Shouldn't he have been somewhere making toys, or checking a list
Buzz Lightyear is one of our favorites. Conner actually scored some points
We were waiting for the parade near the Watch store on main street and the artist asked Ryne if he wanted to work on a piece he was coloring for a customer. This was already pr-sold for $500 and Ry jumped right up and went to work.
Small World at Night
The Castle at night
Dad and Conner getting buckled into their car on Autopia. Conner is in the driver seat
Conner is 100% in control. It was a bumpy ride